Dan was in Band of Gypsies with Simon, Rich & Pete, as well as later drumming for Simon's band Cellophane Aeroplane.

Dan was drummer with The Snakes from the beginning in 2002 until just before the end of recording for The Last Days of Rock & Roll, when he relocated with his family to Copenhagan in 2012.

Dan also drums for the Redlands Palomino Company and Christopher Rees, among others.

In 2015 Dan reunited with Simon & Steve from Cellophane Aeroplane for some studio recording (with Johnny O on bass). He also drums on the latest Tommy Hale album, Magnificent Bastard, released in 2016 and was part of the album's touring band for a UK tour in April 2017. Dan is also drumming on an as yet unfinished album by Simon & Johnny.