Who do they think they are?
The Snakes are a London based rock band formed in 2002. They have made 3 albums.

The Snakes were most probably formed on a Tuesday afternoon in 2002, London, England. 
Of the original lineup, Simon Moor is the only known survivor, bassist Alex Culpin having fallen into a vat of cider after the first album. Drummer Dan Tilbury left England for Wales, before leaving Wales for Denmark, only to leave Denmark for Wales again. He will never play the Dane. Geography is not his best subject, but he is very good at woodwork. You may think his favourite country is Wales, but it is in fact Wiltshire. 
guitarist Richard Davies left the band to pursue a unicorn rampant on figs, with an almost imperceptible limp. 
He is now pursuing legal action based on a short poem. 
Sometime soon, acoustic guitarist Peter Smart is pursuing Richard in the nearly new small claims Court next door. 
Thus far, three albums have been released by the Snakes, Songs from The Satellites (2006 Holiday Disaster Records), Sometime Soon...(2010 Red Eye Music) and The Last Days of Rock & Roll (2013 Bucketfull of Brains Records). They would have released more, but they didn't. Some say it's because they are lazy. Perhaps. Or stupid? Could be. 
But mostly, it's just about the money, where is all the money, they say? Do you know?
Despite all this, and almost miming to the words of their song 'The Band Played On', 
the band did indeed and played on, leaving a trail of bodies and empty bottles...
They have recently returned from a successful season in the Short Back & Sides Theatre production of Aladdin, on Nuneaton Pier, each member of the band alternating the part of Widow Twanky for two shillings sixpence a quarter.
In 2017, some of the boys were seen drinking with Texan fridge magnet Tommy Hale. There has been some gossip that Simon & Johnny O are planning to form a Fleetwood Mac tribute act for a tour of the Far East, but the lads dismissed this as just Chinese Rumours. 
At present, Tommy Hale remains unconvicted. 
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Eamon Korner (East Totteridge Chronicle)


And now...Some inside information about The 3rd Album,

The Last Days of Rock & Roll!  

The opening track Too Hard features guest vocals from Hannah Elton-Wall, of the Redlands Palomino Company.

This album is the first Snakes album to feature a cover version, The French Girl, an enigmatic long lost gem discovered via Gene Clark. Simon & Johnny had previously played the song live at a Gene Clark tribute night at the 12 Bar Club.

The Band Played On was put together by John based on a band jam he'd recorded. Lyrically prescient, it foretold of the subsequent line up change...”I should have known there was something wrong, when the drummer stopped and the band played on”.

The free wheeling rock & roll stomp of Here We Go Again was written by guitarist Richard, and sees the band revelling in booze and blues a la The Faces & Stones, in a perennial tale of tavern banter.

Three Little Wishes is a heartfelt promise of love from father to child, wistfully delivered by Simon to his daughter.

Jerry’s Chair was written by Johnny, after the death of his dad, Jeremiah, a well known presence in many pubs of Coventry. The song ponders his absence, as seen through the eyes of his drinking buddies. The excellent violin was played by Jim Willis (who also plays with Johnny in James McArthur & the head gardeners), recorded in his flat in Brixton.

Look What We Could Have Been, The Snakes with the dial set to ‘Epic’, is Simon’s tailor made classic, stitched with vintage cloth left over from the making of Ian Hunter’s flares. It was an exciting number to record as the band members weren't sure of the chord changes, Simon having to shout out the changes live in the studio.

The title track The Last Days of Rock & Roll, featuring a guest ‘choir’ (including Alex & Hannah Elton Wall), is a song of two halves : 3 minutes of enticingly crafted lyrics and chords, followed by 3 minutes of one single chord in a glorious extravaganza, that builds like a tower of power, in an unstoppable homage to the golden age of rock & roll, turning the vibes up to eleven! The song was essentially written by Johnny on a tube ride home from Simon's house after Simon had talked about a song idea he had called The Last Days of Rock.

Released in 2013 on the legendary Bucketfull of Brains label, the eclectic album sees the band expanding on their established Alt-country repertoire from Stonesesque country swagger through soulful Celtic folk to the dirty rock & roll of Mott the Hoople and Mink Deville, sharing a bottle of bourbon with Tom Petty and Bob Dylan along the way.

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