Various Artists - Desolation Avenue (Vive Le Rock Issue 14 cover CD 2014). Featuring The Band Played On by The Snakes
Various Artists - Bucketfull of Brains Sampler (CD Bucketfull of Brains 2014) Featuring Too Hard & Jerry's Chair by The Snakes
The Snakes - The Last Days of Rock & Roll (CD & download album Bucketfull of Brains 2013)
The Snakes - Never Going Back (12" vinyl, two copies only, made by Never Records 2011).
Various Artists - Country Rock Heads Vol 1. (Double CD & Download 2011) Compilation album featuring Jesus In a Box by The Snakes
The Snakes - Sometime Soon... (CD album & Download Red Eye Music 2010)
Various Artists - Divided by a Common Language (CD & Download Clubhouse Records 2010) Featuring Amaretto by The Snakes
The Snakes - Extended Player EP (CD EP Blue Harpoon 2008)
The Snakes - Songs From The Satellites (CD & Download album Holiday Disaster Records 2006)
Various Artists - What's Kickin Vol 1 (CD & Download Stove Pony Records 2006) Featuring I'll Be Around by The Snakes
The Snakes - The Snakes EP (CD EP 2004)

Tommy Hale - Magnificent Bastard CD & Download Holiday Disaster Records 2016). This album was written by Tommy with Simon Moor & Johnny O. Recorded with Tommy on lead vocals, Simon producing and playing guitar, Johnny on bass, electric & acoustic guitars, backing vocals, Dan Tilbury on drums and Nick Beere engineering and playing slide guitar & keyboards.
Tommy Hale - Stolen Conversations, Three chords and the Truth (CD album Holiday Disaster Records 2006) This album features Simon Moor, Alex Culpin, Dan Tilbury, Richard Davies, Pete Smart on a number of tracks. It also includes a version of I'll Be Around (written by Simon but not featuring The Snakes!)

LIMOZINE (Featuring John O'Sullivan on guitar, backing vocals).
Limozine - Bone 'N' Gristle (Download 2016)
Limozine - Beers Guitars & Scars (Download 2015)
Limozine - You've Been Limozined (CD & Download album 2013)
Limozine - Full Service (CD & Download album 2011)
Limozine - Evil Love (CD & Download album2009) John also plays bass & keyboards on this album.
Limozine - Car Crash Casino (CD & Download album 2007) John also plays bass & keyboards on this album.

MARK & THE CLOUDS (Featuring John O'Sullivan on Bass & Backing vocals)
Mark & The Clouds - Cumulus (Vinyl,CD & Download, Mega Dodo Records. Released in Feb 1017)
Mark & The Clouds - Blue Skies Opening (Blue Vinyl, CD & Download, Mega Dodo Records 2015)

JAMES MCARTHUR & THE HEAD GARDENERS (Featuring John O'Sullivan on pedal steel & backing vocals)
James McArthur & the head gardeners - Burnt Moth (Moorland Records Download & Promo CD. Released in January 1017)
James McArthur & the head gardeners - Strange Readings from the Weather Station (Moorland Records CD & Download 2015)
James McArthur - Lawn Order / Once Upon a Thought (Download single Melodica Records 2013)
James McArthur - Citizen Cained / Roll Another (Download single Melodica Records 2013)
James McArthur - Cover Up (Limited CD 2008)

ANNA PAGE - Stars & Rockets (Annakissed 2016) Featuring Johnny O on Bass, Dan Tilbury on Drums, Nick Beere producer, guitar, keyboards, drums.

COCO, STEEL & LOVEBOMB - The Chillout Album (Melodica Recordings 2014) Featuring Johnny O on Pedal Steel

Devout Sceptics - Vida! (CD & Download 2014) Johnny O plays banjo on Canal Song & pedal steel on Broke Your Heart

CHRISTOPHER REES (Featuring Dan Tilbury on drums and percussion)
Christopher Rees - Stand Fast (CD & Download album, Red Eye Music 2013)
Christopher Rees - Devil's Bridge (CD & Download album, Red Eye Music 2009)

REDLANDS PALOMINO COMPANY (Featuring Dan Tilbury on drums)
Redlands Palomino Company - Broken Carelessly (CD & Download album Clubhouse Records 2014)
Redlands Palomino Company - Don't Fade (CD & Download album Clubhouse Records 2011)
Redlands Palomino Company - She Is Yours (CD single Laughing Outlaw Records 2007)

INSTANT FLIGHT (Featuring John O'Sullivan on bass & backing vocals)
Instant Flight - Endless Journey (CD & vinyl album 2008 Headspin Records)

MEGA CITY FOUR albums (featuring Chris Jones on Drums)
Mega City Four - Tranzophobia (Decoy Records June 1989. UK No. 67)
Mega City Four - Who Cares Wins (Decoy Records October 1990)
Mega City Four - Terribly Sorry Bob (Decoy Records April 1991)
Mega City Four - Sebastopol Rd. (Big Life Records Feb 1992. UK No. 41)
Mega City Four - Inspiringly Titled (Big Life Records Spring 1992. Live album)
Mega City Four - Magic Bullets (Big Life Records 1993. UK No. 57)
Mega City Four - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit 1993)
Mega City Four - Soulscraper (Fire Records 1996)

TINY MONROE (Featuring Richard Davies on guitar, Alex Culpin on Bass)
Tiny Monroe - Volcanoes (Album 1996 Laurel Records)
Tiny Monroe - Open Invitation (Single Laurel Records 1996)
Tiny Monroe - She (Single Laurel Records 1996)
Tiny Monroe - Cream EP (EP Laurel Records 1994)
Tiny Monroe - VHF 855V (Single Laurel Records 1994)

MY FAVOURITE THINGS (Featuring John O'Sullivan on lead vocals, guitar. This band was 20 Days with a new name).
My Favourite Things - Memphis / Fruit Machine (7" single 1994. Now available on Download as 20 DAYS)
My Favourite Things - Syd (7" single 1995, joint single with Nocturnal Babies. Now available on Download as 20 DAYS)
My Favourite Things - Daydream Violence (7" EP featuring 3 other bands 199?)

HONEY RIDER (Featuring John O'Sullivan on bass)
Honey Rider - (7" single 199? Guitarist in this band was Dean from Limozine. Drummer was Pete from 20 Days)

HEDY (Featuring John O'Sullivan on guitar & backing vocals)
Hedy - Superfine (CD single 1996) This was a 3 track CD single, the only release from Hedy (formerly Starpower, with Paul Court, Tig Williams & Neil Champion from The Primitives)

THE HUNGRY i (Featuring John O'Sullivan on guitar & backing vocals)
the hungry i - Falling Orchard EP (12" vinyl & CD Nursery Records 1991) Band formed by Martyn Bates from Eyeless in Gaza and Steve Dullaghan, original bassist with The Primitives. John's old band 20 Days completed the 5 piece line up.
the hungry i -  Secomd Step EP (12" vinyl & CD Nursery Records 1991)
the hungry i  - Her 1000 Days (Flexi disc, Nursey Records 1991, issued free on the cover of ZipCode Magazine).

MARTYN BATES (Featuring John O'Sullivan on backing vocals).
Martyn Bates - Stars Come Trembling (LP, CD and Cassette, Integrity Records 1990)

20 DAYS (Featuring John O'Sullivan on vocals & guitar).
20 Days - Vivian Dreams (Tape, Sonar Records 1986. Now available as Download)
20 Days - Freefall EP (12" vinyl Sonar Records 1985. Now available on Download).