Chris joined The Snakes in 2012, replacing long time drummer Dan Tilbury. He arrived just in time to play some percussion on the Last Days album. It was Dan who recommended Chris for the job and Chris' association with various members of the band stretches back a long way. Chris is probably best known as drummer with late 80s early 90s band Mega City Four, with whom he recorded many albums, toured the world along side bands like Nirvana, the Cramps and many others. Simon Moor was a Roadie & guitar tech for the band. Chris has thrown a television out of a window on more than one occasion. He says he won't do it again (they're all flat screen now, it's not as much fun!)
There are plans for the Mega City Four albums to be re-packaged and re-released, with the Sebastopol Road album out now and others to follow soon. Chris joined Pete Smart's band Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival for a while but is now playing with Richard Davies and the Dissidents.


           Mega City / Reading                
      Motorbikes, cars, vans, 
  dogs & the Law