Track List :

1. Interview
2. What Have I Done To You?
3. Refrigerator Blues
4. Promised Land
5. Wasting Time
6. Cumberland Breeze
7. We Can Fly
8. Jesus In A Box
9. Tin Foil Town
10. Come My Way
11. Amaretto
12. Black Cat
13. C.O. (Sometime Soon)

(Click here for lyrics)

Produced by Nick Beere & The Snakes at Mooncalf Studios, Wiltshire

Recorded by Nick Beere at Stable Studio & Mooncalf Studio.

Additional recording by Simon at Blue Harpoon and Johnny in

Hammersmith and Aldbourne.

Mixed and Mastered at Mooncalf.

Cover concept & design Jayne Evans, Pete Smart, Simon Moor

Snakes logo by Dave Marlow design.

All songs (S.Moor), except :

4. (Davies / O'Sullivan)

6. (P. Smart)

10. (Davies / Moor / O'Sullivan)

11. (O'Sullivan)

13. (The Snakes / compiled by Johnny)

Released 27th Sept 2010 on Red Eye Music

Available on CD & Download

The Players :

Simon Moor - Vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, harmonica, percussion, backing vocals

Richard Davies - Electric, B-bender, 12 string, acoustic & classical guitars, mandolin, piano, backing vocals

John O'Sullivan - Bass, electric, acoustic guitars, pedal steel, piano, keyboards, banjo, violin, backing vocals, percussion, whistling

Dan Tilbury - Drums, percussion, cajon, backing vocals

Pete Smart - Acoustic guitar, harmonica, backing vocals

Nick Beere - Hammond on 4, 10 & 12, Piano on 12, 12 string on 4.

Notes & Trivia

The opening pub sounds on Amaretto were recorded by Johnny, combining background noise from The Crown, Aldbourne & Wetherspoons, Hammersmith.

What does C.O. mean? Well, no-one could think of a title for the last sound collage, track 13. In retrospect it should have been called Sometime Soon... since it contains elements of many of the album songs, but alas, it was labelled C.O. The meaning is better left a mystery.