Contact The Snakes

UK - Gerry Ranson /  Mulefreedom
Europe -  Peter Holmstedt / Hemifran

If you'd like to get in touch with the band, have any questions, comments, booking enquiries, etc, give us a shout via the Contact The Snakes section.

We used to have quite a big mailing list, but it went down the plug hole when the plug got pulled on our old website (we forgot to put a schilling in the meter).

We'll add your email to our new mailing list, unless you say otherwise. And we promise we won't share it with Big Brother (or the Holding Company, or any relatives of Janis Joplin).

No need to bother with phone number unless you really want to, email is fine.

Alternatively, you can also look us up via the usual suspects :

Direct email is

We also have a 'Page' and a 'Group' on Facebook.
It would be great if you'd like to 'Like' The Snakes on Facebook :

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Otherwise come and join us down the pub...we'll probably be at the bar. If we are not, get the drinks in and wait for us, cheers!