The Story of The Snakes
Long ago and far away, well sometime in the 80s and mostly in Wiltshire, there were various things happening that nobody knows or cares very much about now. Does  The Band of Gypsies mean anything to you?! Did they dye in vain? And then, of course, there was Celophane Aeroplane (who invented Brit Pop) and Tiny Monroe (who didn't).
Many have wandered, but few got as far as Wolverhampton.
Society was changing, people had hair both short, long and medium, sometimes on the same head.
Oasis had drained the life out of the oasis that was once a moist clothing retail outlet.
A New Country was rising from the empty clothes hangers of yesterdays chip & pin rappers, rising like a Pheonix from Arizona.
And then it happened. The chance meeting of Richard Davies' near fatal automobile fender and Simon Moor's thin but manly leg, upon the killing fields of Muswell Hill. It was 2002. Each recognised the other as their former Band of Gypsy band mate (despite the now lack of eye liner). Richard invited Simon to stand up, while Simon invited Richard down to his level. The pair began working on songs that would form the back bone of the live set and first album for a new band, a band that would soon be know simply as THE SNAKES. (Nothing to do with the Whitesnake off shoot of the same name, or any of the other 300 bands called The Snakes...Gawd help us, it wasn't that simple after all!)

Anyway, enthused by a new found enthusiasm to be enthusiastic, Simon & Rich called upon some trusted allies, enlisting the mighty Dan Tilbury on drums (Band of Gypsies & Celophane Aeroplane) and bass man about town Alex Culpin (Tiny Monroe) to become The Snakes!
Before you could say "What do you mean by Americana?" they were regular fixtures on the London Alt-Country scene, playing The Borderline, Come Down and Meet the Folks and What's Cookin', to name but a few.
An EP was released and a song was included on the What's Cookin' compilation CD, What's Kickin' Vol 1. That song, 'I'll Be Around' caught the ear of Mark Lamaar, who became a champion of the band (though we never made him fight anyone, we didn't stop him either).
Then came the first album...SONGS FROM THE SATELLITES (2006 Holiday Disaster Records), which gained immediate praise from BBC TV & Radio Legend Bob Harris who declared himself a fan (we haven't head a whisper since then), while Mark Lamarr went one step further by inviting the band into the studio for a live session on his BBC Radio 2 show, recorded at the legendary Maida Vale Studios (near London's Queen Victoria Beckham & Albert Square Museum).
Pete Smart, meanwhile, had joined the band by this time, bringing along his acoustic guitar, harmonica and back ground vocals skills to the four.
Sometime around now, the band toured the UK with Texan troubadour Tommy Hale, acting as his backing band.
With a gig in London's Leicester Square (near Leicester), in front of a large and enthusiastic audience member, things seemed to be going very well for the band.
Then came time to think about making the follow up, the difficult 2nd album. (If I was in a band I'd miss out the 2nd album and go straight to the 3rd, saves time AND money).
It took a little longer than planned. In 2007, Alex left the band after a fashion, to be replaced by Johnny O who, in addition to bass, also added a range of instruments, song writing and vocals to the mix. Bridging the gap between albums, the 5 track EP Extended Player was released in 2008, prompting Americana UK to dub the band "The new heroes of Country Rock".
The 2nd album SOMETIME SOON... was finally released on Red Eye Music in 2010. It was received extremely well by press and radio, with Mark Lamarr playing tracks on a weekly basis on his BBC Radio 2 show and gaining a 4 star review in Uncut Magazine.
Further gigs around the country and a BBC Radio Wales session raised the band's profile further.
Tracks were included on two significant compilation CDs, 2010's Divided by a Common Language Vol.1, a review of which described the band as "Muswell Hill's own Whiskeytown" (even though at this point none of the band lived in Muswell Hill), and a double album release from Germany entitled Country Rock Heads Vol.1 along side the likes of global stars Keith Urban, Lady Antbellum, the legendary Joe Brown and Kevin Costner (the bloke from Field of Dreams? I didn't see that coming!)
The band also recorded Never Going Back to Nashville for Never Records, as part of the Merge Festival.
Work on the next album began in 2011, with 12 songs recorded in a week long session. Ranging from simple sparse arrangements to full on kitchen sink extravaganzas, the album includes nods to many of the band's heroes, including Mott The Hoople, Gene Clark, Mink Deville, The Stones and the Who. Released on Bucketfull of Brains on May 27th 2013, THE LAST DAYS OF ROCK & ROLL is not so much a lament for the good old days of vinyl and valves, as it is a declaration of defiance against the age of intangible downloads and TV Talent shows. Many songs from the album have become favourites in the live set and gigs to promote the album culminated with a storming headline set at the What's Cookin Summer Picnic. In September, the band were invited to headline a Warren Zevon tribute night at The Betsey Trotwood in London, along side label mate Benjamin Folke Thomas, which was a resounding success. The band were joined for that gig by long time friend Tim Hughes on keyboards. Following Richard's departure in Spring 2014, the band invited Tim to join. His proper debut with the band was supporting The Rockingbirds at The Lexington, later playing the Summertyne Festival in Newcastle.

In 2015 / 2016 various members of The Snakes got together to work on a new album for their old Texan pal Tommy Hale. Simon acted as producer & guitarist, with Dan Tilbury on drums, Johnny O on bass and various guitars and things. The album, Magnificent Bastard, turned out very nice indeed (thank you very much!) To promote the album, Tommy, Simon, Johnny & Dan toured the UK in April 2017, along side Snakes' producer Nick Beere on guitar & keyboards. Meanwhile, Pete Smart started a Creedence Clearwater Revival covers band called Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival (you see what he did there?) The band includes Richard Davies, Chris Jones & Tim Emery. They supported Tommy Hale & The Magnificent Bastards on the Swindon & Bristol dates of the UK tour.  
Meanwhile, Simon & Johnny continued working on an album project, as well as playing gigs under the name Hot Snake Time Machine (sometimes as a duo, sometimes as a rocking 3 piece with Dan Tilbury!) Richard started recording a solo album with help from Nick Beere, Tim Emery on bass & Chris Jones on drums. 
After a bit of a gap, The Snakes started rehearsing again in 2019 with the line up of Simon, Richard, Johnny, Dan & Nick. As if by magic they were then invited to play a special gig at the Borderline in central London on 26th July 2019 as a special tribute event for the late great Barry Marshall Everitt. The sold out show also featured Danny and the Champions, Alan Tyler Show & Bex Marshall. Far out! In September the lads were part of the What's Cookin' Last Days of Summer event.
In the autumn of 2019, work was started on a new Tommy Hale album (with the same team as "Magnificent Bastard"), however, before the sessions had got into gear, Tommy had to return to the USA on the sad news of his father's death. 
2020 has not turned out the way anyone expected, to say the least. Tommy's album has twice been rescheduled due to Covid restrictions, but, as of Nov 2021, the majority of the recording has been completed on the album. In the summer of 2021, Simon, Johnny & Dan recorded more songs for their album, still unfinished. Richard released his solo album in June 2020 of his album "Human Traffic" on Bucketfull of Brains, credited to Richard Davies and the Dissidents. Gigs to promote the album were delayed due to Covid (again), but he has now played a number of shows, including The Betsey Trotwood, The Lexington & What's Cookin. The reviews for the album have been exceedingly good. Richard is now working on the follow up album! Check out the Richard Davies and the Dissidents Facebook page for more info! The Snakes got together in Sept 2021 for a special fund raising gig in Basingstoke. The event was sold out. The Snakes will be making a long awaited return to What's Cookin in Leytonstone in Dec 2021 for an Xmas show with pals The Snakeoil Rattlers.