Track List :

1. spinning top
2. black cat
3. tinfoil town
4. we can fly
5. promised land

The Players :

Simon Moor - Vocals, guitars.

Richard Davies - Electric & acoustic guitars, backing vocals.

Dan Tilbury - Drums, percussion.

Pete Smart - Acoustic guitar, backing vocals.

John O'Sullivan - Bass, backing vocals.

Nick Beere - Piano & Hammond.

Recorded by Nick Beere at Stable & Mooncalf Studios, Wiltshire.

Mixed and Mastered at Mooncalf.

Tracks 1 & 5. (R. Davies)

Tracks 2,3 & 4 (S. Moor)

Released 2008, Blue Harpoon Records. 

Cover by Jayne Evans

song notes :

black cat (4.18) & promised land (4.18) are earlier longer versions than the ones that appear on the album Sometime Soon...
(The album versions were rearranged by Johnny O, with Promised Land re-worked and shortened to 3.51, and Black Cat, with added piano break played by Nick Beere, rearranged to 3.50)

tinfoil town (ep version 3.09, album version 3.04)
& we can fly (ep version 2.18, album version 2.19!) are almost the same as album versions but were remixed for the album.

spinning top (3.16) is exclusive to this ep.

Available on CD