Tim first played with The Snakes for the Warren Zevon night in September 2013, filling in the piano and keyboard parts for the Warren songs. Since Richard left the band in 2014, Tim was first choice as a replacement, or new member, as rather than 'replace' Richard with another guitarist, the band decided to try something new and bring Tim in as keyboard player / mulit instrumentalist (Tim also plays drums, guitar, saxophone and probably something else too). People who have seen The Snakes playing on the same bill as Limozine may recognise Tim as the man at the back, pounding away at the drums, along side our own Johnny O (or Johnny Zero, his Limozine name).
Tim's first proper gig with The Snakes was at The Lexington, supporting The Rockingbirds.
Tim is the drummer in LIMOZINE.
He used to play for Souther Still, Super J Lounge & Kirk Lake, among others.

London  Kent  Brighton