Alas, this is not the entrance to the competition.
You have not won the Lottery.

If you set your ipod to Shuffle it will probably play Radiohead.
It is raining and you do not have an umbrella.
You are in the wrong queue.
I'm sorry, we've sold out of that one.
Why don't girls like me?
Luke, I am not your Father.
The number you have dialed has not been recognised, please replace the handset and try again.
The boys want you out and Ringo in.
You have missed the last train.
If anyone says 'Cheer up, it might never happen', it has already happened.
Why don't boys like me?

You have entered the yellow box, please pay £100.
You are entering a world of pain.
Your car is being towed.
Your car has been stolen.
You have forgotten to tape The Sweeney...again!
You have just missed the bus.
You have to walk home.
We need to talk...
You are not really here...