Nick at
                             Mooncalf Studios

Nick is a long time friend of The Snakes and his association with various members of the band goes back many years, long before The Snakes were formed. 
He has worked on almost all of The Snakes recordings as well as various pre-Snakes bands and off shoot projects.
He recorded the first Snakes album in Stable studios in Aldbourne, Wiltshire and now runs Mooncalf Studios, also in Wiltshire, where most of Sometime Soon... & all of Last Days were recorded.
Nick plays guitar, keyboards, harmonica, tambourine  bass and pretty much anything else you might want.
He joined Simon, Johnny & Dan as part of Tommy Hale's band The Magnificent Bastards for a UK tour in April 2017. Nick is also playing guitar for live shows with The Snakes as well as Richard Davies and The Dissidents.